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Rip yourself open. Sew yourself shut.

"The only way to find true happiness is to risk being completely cut open"

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"Nothing of me is original I'm the combined effort of everyone I've ever known."

Basics: Alexandra. 17. Straight. Senior. Blue eyed. Brunette.

I'm Alexandra. I'm an aquired taste.
Let's get more aquainted.

I like beautiful things. I'm interested in more things than I have time for. Chaos is a very accurate word to describe the inner workings of my twisted, complicated, little mind. I've got plenty of obsessions, and a sick sense of humor.

accents, alcohol, alexander skarsgard, animals, arctic monkeys, art, automatic loveletter, autumn, balconies, batman, bed head, black nail polish, bobby pins, bon fires, bones, books, bookstores, bracelets, buffy the vampire slayer, camilla belle, candles, cassandra clare, chinese food, choxie chocolate, christmas lights, chuck palahniuk, cigarettes, clothes, coffee, coloring books, criminal minds, cuddling, dane cook, death cab for cutie, deep conversations, dr pepper, drawing, emily haines, emma watson, environment friendly, envy on the coast, eyeliner, fashion, fireplaces, flannel, flip flops, fuzzy socks, glee, halloween, harry potter, hemp jewelry, history, holding hands, hoodies, horror movies, hugs, incense, iron and wine, kings of leon, kristen stewart, lap tops, laughter, leggings, letters, life, lighters, lists, livejournal, long walks, love, ludo, magazines, make up, making out, matches, mayday parade, megan fox, messy hair, mix cd's, movie marathons, movie theaters, movies, muse, music, my best friend, nail polish, nighttime, nylon magazine, oversized sunglasses, panera, paramore, photography, piercings, poetry, polar pops, polaroids, quilts, quotes, rainy days, reading, richelle mead, rings, road trips, rob pattinson, rollercoasters, rupert grint, sailor moon, sarcasm, scars, secrets, serial killers, shia labeouf, singing, sketchbooks, sleepovers, smart water, snow, song lyrics, starbucks, stars, straightener, sweatpants, taco bell, tattoos, tea, texting, the beatles, the highlands, the spill canvas, tim burton, true blood, twilight, video games, vintage, waterfront, writing, zombies